Faste is a group formed by companies dedicated to various fields in sinergy with each other.

FasteGroup was born from the passion of Stefano Fabbian for his own work: the joiner.

2003 - foundation of Artigiano del legno company
2008 - foundation of Swissvan company and Faste Group
2015 - foundation of Fabbiandesign company
2016 - foundation of Camperstop company
2017 - foundation of Radical Recycling company

Understanding the customer's needs at best, providing them a product that is ecosustainable, original, with a functional design and accessible to all.

Improving the quality of life through coherent and responsible solutions, trying to respect every life form.


Artigiano del legno is a workshop dedicated to the production and sale of furniture
and gift and fancy goods, mainly working with local and solid wood, increasing
the wood's value in its own natural features.

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Swissvan is a company that operates in Ticino, Switzerland, on the internal furnishing
field: it is involved in producing and selling funiture and specific tools, dedicated
to any kind of vehicle, mobile constructs or small spaces.

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Fabbiandesign is dedicated to designing, consulting and individual or group lessons.

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Radical Recycling is a green company that is mainly dedicated to the sale of recycled
furniture, gift and fancy goods and materials.

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Camperstop is a rest area at campers' and travelers' disposal, offering overnight stay spaces.

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